rules of the shop

Everything you ever needed to know about zombies...

A Zombie is a re-animated corpse.

The zombie’s prime directive is to spread the INFECTION**, it is the only thing that drives them.  In the course of this pursuit they will inflict catastrophic injury on their victims, resulting in death.  The infected person will then re-animate and continue the cycle of infection.  If the injury inflicted is not immediately fatal, the infected person will succumb to the infection itself within a matter of days, re-animate and continue the cycle of infection.

**In theory INFECTION could be...

Biological; viral, bacterial, or fungal


Supernatural; demonic possession, artifact or hell overflowing (i.e.Romero) literally..."an alien ship crash landed and brought a zombie outbreak with them"

Zombie Bake Shop will not give any serious consideration to any suggestion that it is "supernatural" or "alien" in origin.  Only exception to "supernatural" would be if they thought it originated from an artifact, but it turns out the artifact was covered in zombie causing bacteria.

A zombie will continue to be animated as long as the brain is intact - not crushed, shot, bashed in or rotted to soup.  The infected body will most likely be subject to the normal rate of human decomposition, though some would theorize that the infection could slow or even halt the rate of decomposition. Once the body has rotted to the point where the brain tissue is no longer viable, the infection will no longer be able to sustain itself. 


  1. a)No talking!

  2. b)Zombies do not use tools

  3. c)Zombies do not reason or learn

  4. d)Zombies do not retain memories of their former life.

If a zombie is trapped in a room by a closed door, either a living person opens the door and lets them out and is subsequently attacked, OR the zombie hears potential prey and they literally come THROUGH the door.

2.  Zombies do not get tired, or hungry, or thirsty, they will relentlessly pursue their prey until their brain is destroyed.  The only way to kill a zombie is to destroy the brain.

3.  Zombies are drawn to noise.

If you make noise, zombies will come running and eat you.  AND they will make more noise as they come for you and this will attract MORE zombies, so if you make a lot of noise, get the hell away from there as quick as you can, without being seen.

4.  If they see you, they will come running and eat you...

    The word "running" is used very loosely, they move as fast as their current state of decomposition allows. 

    For instance, a zombie experiencing rigor mortis will be stiff and shambling.

5.  Zombies will SWARM.

    If zombies know or have reason to believe, by sound or visual confirmation, where you are hiding out, they will amass at that location until they are drawn away by the possibility of other prey (provided you are no longer visible and have ceased to make noise)